Enabling Educators to Win Community Support
Enabling Educators to Win Community Support


Using YouTube to Get The Word Out

The Salem Education Association and School Board create videos to explain warrant articles and why they should be supported then distribute the videos via YouTube on their online and social media channels.

Community Education Profiles


Reaching Higher NH developed individual community and school district profiles, which help individuals examine the overall picture of public education in their district. The profiles include community indicators that can affect a child’s learning.  These profiles may be used to support your M.O.M. efforts by encouraging community-level conversations and decision-making.


Each profile includes four sections:

  • Student Outcome Indicators, which explore district performance on the 2017 statewide annual assessment for Grades 4, 8, and 11, as well as high school graduation rates, high school dropout rates, and attendance rates;
  • Student and Teacher Indicators, which explore student enrollment by economic status, race and ethnicity, emerging bi-and multilinguals, and special education;
  • Community Indicators, which explore the context and environment in which students learn, including various economic, social, and health indicators; and
  • School Finance Indicators, which explore each town’s state and local funding, and comparison to other communities throughout New Hampshire.

Profile includes data on the individual community, as well as county- and state-level data for most indicators.


Downloadable Resources

NEA ESP Downloadable Resources

WHO.WE.ARE ESP: ESP are critical members of the education workforce.  They meet the needs of the whole student, ensuring that students achieve at their highest levels.  This folder brochure promotes an understanding of the 9 ESP career families and provides data and statistics about NEA ESP members working in K-12 and higher education.

ESP Respect Posters: These posters include photo images of NEA ESP members at work, displaying the character, strength and passion that come with being an ESP. We respect Education Support Professionals as educators and for ensuring that students are always ready to learn.  The posters come in packets of 9.  The front of each poster represents a member from one of the 9 ESP career families while the back showcases a photo collage of all 9 career families.

ESP Organizing Toolkit: This ESP Organizing Toolkit  (PDF, 178 pgs.) is designed for State and Local Affiliates and their members implementing engagement campaigns. These resources provide a framework for organizing; these successful tactics emerged from the experience of implementing a local engagement program in many NEA state affiliates and locals.