Details and Deadlines

Each year across New Hampshire more than 90 communities go to the polls or Town Meetings to vote on educator contracts and school budgets. Like all elections, getting your message out, organizing supporters and getting them to vote is the only way to win.  NEA-NH’s M.O.M. Resource Center has been helping local NEA-NH affiliates  craft effective messages and cultivate positive community relations and has seen impressive results.

How We Help:

In an effort to end the cycle of losses and improve member involvement in the election process, NEA-NH launched a Positive Public Relations workshop aimed at helping locals improve their communications skills and initiatives.  After 9 months, the effort was re-made into M.O.M. Training (Messaging, Organizing and Mobilizing)

MOM efforts are not limited to members only, but structured to reach out to community members, parents, potential members and other supportive surrogates.

These efforts led to improved voter turnout, increased membership and member participation, record setting contract passage rates and the establishment of well-organized local groups capable of continuing the momentum with other community based projects and political efforts in the future.

The goal of MOM Training is to establish positive community relationships and secure passage of contracts and election of pro-education boards; to leave a working organization in place to promote community causes and to be activated during future elections at the local, state and national level.


Examples of Past Campaigns:

Association  NEA-NH In-kind and Grant Support Contract Result
Association Keene Tutors 1500 Postcards, Postage PASSED
Mascenic Budget Cards 1000 Postcards, Postage PASSED
Fitzwillam School Board 1500 Postcards, Postage ELECTED
Monadnock 7 & 8 1200 Postcards, 500 Flyers PASSED
ConVal Education Association 1650 Postcards, 350 Brochures, 100 Flyers PASSED
Chichester Education Association 350  Brochures PASSED
Mascenic ESSA Postcards 440 Postcards, Postage FAILED
Hinsdale 240 Postcards, Postage PASSED
Winchester 240 Postcards, 500 Flyers, 500 Pickle Hats PASSED
Northwood Visibility T-Shirts PASSED
Prospect Mountain 600 Brochures PASSED
Mont Vernon EA 300 Postcards PASSED
Brookline Teachers Association Postage PASSED
Chesterfield 350 Postcards, Postage PASSED
JREA and JRESSA 900 Postcards, Postage PASSED
Newfound Area Teachers Association 800 Postcards, Postage PASSED
Brentwood Teachers Association 300 Postcards, Postage PASSED


Each year, more and more Local Associations submit requests for M.O.M. assistance.

The earlier you submit your request, the greater your chances are of receiving monetary aid.

The following deadlines are in place for 2018-19:

  • If you are seeking MONETARY SUPPORT, there is no deadline, but requests that come in after February 15, 2019 are less likely to have funds remaining.
  • If you are seeking POSTCARDS, FLYERS or OTHER PRINTED MATERIALS, requests need to be received by FEBRUARY 1, 2019.
  • If you need consultations and assistance in developing a plan, requests need to be made AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, but no later than DECEMBER 17, 2018